Health Partners Network

Network Providers

Network Providers

Health Partners Network offers you and your dependents access to a wide range of Treasure Valley providers and facilities that are dedicated to improving clinical care and reducing the cost of care while providing professional and compassionate care. These providers, along with Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center and West Valley Medical Center, have partnered with your employer to better manage quality and cost.

Your out-of-pocket expenses will depend on the network affiliation of the provider or facility you select each time you obtain medical services. The greatest savings for you and your employer is achieved when you use a doctor or hospital within the Health Partners Network.

You have three provider networks from which to choose doctors, clinics and hospitals:

Non-Network Providers

If the doctor or hospital you prefer is not in the Health Partners Network, Wise PPO or PHCS PPO, your medical insurance plan benefits will provide limited reimbursement for the costs of a Non-Network Provider.

Note that services provided within Treasure Valley by a PHCS PPO provider who is not a
Health Partners Network or Wise PPO provider also are at the non-network benefit level and will cost you and your employer more.

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